How to Add Ads.txt file in WordPress (with or without Plugin)


The ads.txt file may be familiar to publishers who use advertisements to monetise their websites. How does it work and why do you need it, though?I’ll cover all about the ads.txt file in this post, especially how to add it quickly to a WordPress website.What is Ads.txt File?Ads.txt stands for Authorized Digital Sellers. It is a simple text file...

URL Redirects Type and Right SEO Approach

URL redirects, redirects

Redirects are a way to forward visitors and search engines to a different URL than the one they requested. Redirects play an important role within SEO, so it's important to know what types of redirects there are when to use which onesI hope you have experienced it before that when you clicked on a link that you thought would...

ROUND Function – How to Round Numbers in Google sheet


Whether you need to round numbers to the nearest whole number, the second decimal point, hundreds, or by a factor of three, google Sheets makes it easy using ROUND function and its type.In this article, I'll cover various rounding functions, its type ( ROUND, ROUNDUP, and ROUNDDOWN) and  how to use the round() in Google SheetsWhat is Rounding?Making a...

How To Make Above The Fold Content Work For Your SEO

Above The Fold Content

Discover the power of above the fold design and learn how to optimize your website's initial impression for maximum impact. Our comprehensive guide covers the importance of above the fold content for both search engine optimization (SEO) and user experience (UI/UX), as well as tips and best practices for designing and presenting above the fold content that engages and converts visitors. From using descriptive and relevant titles and meta descriptions to incorporating high-quality images and videos, we've got all the information you need to take your above the fold design to the next level

Keyword Cannibalization: What it is and How to Avoid It

Keyword Cannibalization

Keyword cannibalization is one of the confusing topics for SEO beginners as its concept is a bit tricky. we’ll go over how to find and avoid keyword cannibalization on your site and improve SEO.Before we go any further, let’s define the term cannibalization.What is Cannibalization?Cannibalization in marketing refers to the situation where a company's new product or service directly competes with...

Facebook Conversion API: What How and Why


The Facebook Conversion API terms have been popular in the past year. Every marketer understands it is important, but most misunderstand the reason why.In this post, I am going to clarify it in short and simple words with the answer:Why is it important?What is the conversion API?How to implement it?Why the Conversion API?The digital advertisement world completely depends...

8 Common SEO Mistakes web Developers should Avoid


The title "Common SEO Mistakes by development developers " doesn't mean to criticize developers.But, over the last decade, SEO has played a vital role in the transformation of web-based businesses.Web developers work hard to build a complex web application and are always focused on working on functionality.Web developers usually care about clean code, functionality, and easy ways to...

Beginner’s Guide to Using HTML Meta Tags for Better SEO

meta tags, meta tags html, meta tags for SEO

A meta tag is a piece of code that is added to the head section of an HTML webpage. It provides additional information about the webpage and its content and is typically used by search engines and other web-based tools to understand and index the webpage more effectively.Meta tags are not visible to users when they visit a webpage,...

What Is UTM Tracking – How To Create And Use UTM URLs?

UTM Tracking, UTM URLs, UTM Tracking code

UTM Stands for Urchin Tracking Module, UTM Tracking codes are used to add to the end of any URL to track clicks and the performance of marketing activities.Any Marketer who runs an online campaign or performs different marketing activities using a different medium like email, social, and Paid ads uses it frequently, UTM Tracking code allows them to...

Understand New vs Returning Users in Google Analytics 4


Google Analytics Users type is divided into two groups: New Users and Returning Users. In a more simplified way users(people) who visited the website/app first time and those who have before and have come back. The other types like Active users, total users, etc are derived from these two. That is the basic idea behind the metrics.How Google Analytics...