Hi, my name is Atul Kumar and I run this blog kumaratul.com.I am a Digital Marketer With 6 + years of experience in Ad Ops, SEO/SEM & Web Analytics. I write across a range of topics, including analytics, SEO, marketing, and social media. I develop and implement effective strategies to drive traffic, increase conversions, and boost revenue.

My expertise includes leading business and marketing operations for startups, and small, and medium-sized companies. I have worked with over a dozen brands during my professional career and have a proven track record of building sustainable and profitable businesses.

The purpose of this blog is to provide educational content for individuals interested in digital marketing and analytics but who may not have a background in coding. I have spent the last eight to ten years working with experienced developers, startup founders, and marketers. This has allowed me to gain valuable insights and tricks that I can share with others. While I am not a proficient coder myself, I have a strong understanding of how digital tools like Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics, and Google Tag Manager work and how to utilize them effectively. I am constantly experimenting with new methods and techniques and will share some of those experiments on this blog.

I will keep updating this section!

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